In-store Dyeing

We proudly do all our own dyeing in-house. We have 100's of standard colors to choose from.

We will work with you to find a color that best matches your ensemble.

Please keep in mind that dyeing is not a science--it is an art!


Inside/Outside light--who cares? It makes a BIG difference whether your dyed items need to be matched to inside or outside lighting. Some colors can look VERY different outside compared to inside. Ivory colors will look whiter outside. Unless requested otherwise, items are matched to inside light.

BUYER BEWARE! BUYER BEWARE! Not all fabric shoes are dyeable. Not all white satin shoes are dyeable. If you are planning on having shoes dyed, be certain they are described as dyeable. Be especially cautious when buying on-line.

No such thing as a perfect color match! Everyone sees color differently and many variables can affect color such as different lighting, different fabrics, and different dye lots. With that said, we will work with you to pick the best color that will blend with your dress and we will make sure your items are dyed with the same dye lot. Don't worry--it'll look perfect to everyone else!

You can't guess when matching a color! We have so many standard colors that you cannot guess which color matches best with your dress. Color names also vary greatly--our "champagne" dye will not necessarily match your "champagne" dress. Always bring a small fabric sample to match to the dye colors.

Need dyed shoes fast? Our normal turnaround time is 1-2 weeks for standard colors. However, if you're in a pinch, we can probably help! Since we do our own dyeing, have 100's of standard colors, and have a big in-stock selection of dyeable shoes, we can handle most rush orders!

You can wear them again--dyed black! Dyed shoes can be redyed* black after your event. Have fun wearing them again with another outfit!

*Shoes that have been sprayed with a water repellent cannot be redyed.